January 6, 2020

M.o.p. – Beats By Fizroy Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Rapper 1: Yo son, yo son. I’m trying to get my shit off man, I went to Just Blaze to get a beat. That nigga charged me $50,000
Rapper 2: $50,000 for a beat?
Rapper 1: Yeah, I ain’t got no $50,000
Rapper 2: Nigga, I went to The Neptunes them motherf**kers charged me $100,000 for a beat
Rapper 1: $100,000? For a wack ass beat?
Rapper 2: $100,000. It wasn’t cheap man
Rapper 1: Aw man, I went to Primo, I gave Primo $30,000 in ’94 I STILL ain’t seen the beat yet
Rapper 2: Hahaha. Yo, I went to Kanye West, he tried to charge me $40,000
Rapper 1: Kanye West? Ain’t that nigga just come out?

Announcer: Has this ever happened to you? You’re trying to get your shit off, and motherf**kers overcharging for beats. But if you dial right now, 917-216-4875, we got beats fo’ yo’ ass. That’s right nigga. We get yo’ shit off the ground right now. Wack rapper? We’ll hook ya up. We got beats by the pound. Fizroy Nelson. We take Creditcaid, Food Stamps, WIC checks, nigga, you come with a bag of weed, we might get an album out yo’ ass. That’s what I’m talking about. 917-216-4875. Come get it while it’s hot. You better holla nigga, cause it ain’t gon’ last long. That’s right. We got shit sitting around doing absolutely nothing. So if you got two dollars, five dollars, $2,000 or $5,000, motherf**ker you got the heat we got the beat. Let’s get this shit popping. You bitch ass niggas. Holla

Disclaimer: You faggot ass niggas [?] you might get yo’ ass whipped. Music’s pressed by the motherf**ker making these beats is his business. Samples is yo’ problem. We ain’t clearing shit. God bless you and good night

Now put the slow record on. Yeah, f**king around right now. Y’all you gonna have to help me out with this one. No beat behind it. I don’t care if niggas don’t like it. You don’t like it nigga keep the comment to yourself cause I’ll f**k you up homeboy. f**k

[Verse One: Lil’ Fame] (Sade)
Y’all niggas is bugging if you ever
(Think I’d leave your side baby)
Ha, bitch you gotta be crazy, it’s Fizzy Womack
(You know me better than that)
The Brownsville nigga they call Slaps so fall back if you
(Think I’d leave you down when you’re down on your knees)
Bitch please, I’mma forever rep the streets and y’all know
(I wouldn’t do that)
Why the f**k you think they call me Womack?
I represent the real hip
(I’ll tell you you’re right when you want)
That’s right, c’mon it’s Hip
Ain’t nothing like hip
Them other cats is phoney but
(If only)
(You could see into me)
You will see that I’m truly for the streets
M dot O dot P
Hip hop so see motherf**ker we bring it
That’s right, that’s right
(When you’re cold)
You got M.O.P.!
(I’ll be there)
(To hold you tight)
(To me)
(When you’re on the outside baby and you can’t get in)
Where you fit in, and
(I will show you, you’re so much better than you know)
Fo’ show, fo’ show, so…
(When you’re lost)
You got M.O.P
(You’re alone)
You got M.O.P
(Can’t get back again)
Call Fizzy Womack and
(I will find)
And remind you that
(Darling and I will bring you home)
Fo’ show, we get it on, so…
(If you want to cry)
Bitch than go ahead
(I am here to dry your eyes)

Oooh. I want to f**k. What up?