January 6, 2020

M.o.p. – Here Today Gone Tomorrow Lyrics

By Azlyrics

[Lil’ Fame] We got one way of life to live and if not, flatline

Gone tomorrow (uhuh)
Here Today, gone tomorrow (huh)
Gone tomorrow (naw nigga)
Here today, gone tomorrow(uhuh)

[Lil’ Fame] Hay where the man say
(Breath nigga)

[Lil’ Fame]
I was told to shoot out and lay low
Keep firin, keep extra clip for extra shit
Who’s next to flip on the cat from the ‘Ville called Slap
Most shady yeah Brownsville baby, baby
W-Izzo-Izza-C-K you faggots bimo with a semi A you two matic
Cal Colt 45 and also with my Billy D nigga

[Billy Danze] And he ain’t talkin bout malt liquor it’s me the big homie
[Lil’ Fame] Who was straight for the tech fake shit
[Billy Danze] that was snake shit
[Lil’ Fame] f**k it, opposites attract
[Billy Danze] True dat

[Lil’ Fame]
I’m In the streets I know how the scores lookin with the smallest
And illest game and stadium of Brooklyn
And this here thing (Gun Cocking) I here hold in my hand make a trigger
Nigga the motherf**kin man
Cause you could be

[Hook] (Here Today Gone Tomorow)
Damn I was just here with him somebody hit ’em (Gone tomorrow)
Look what them copper chops did em, he gone
(Here Today Gone Tomorow)
(uh) Flat line

[Billy Danze]
We already made a note of it
The new school is based on some cobra shit
You might not make it past the top of the mornin
These young nigga’s be comin and gunnin wit no warning
But Bill on top of that we can stop rap
Take two steps back and get it going in the street
I do it with a passion when blastin on competition
Over lookin consequences
No matter when to mission’s [Lil Fame: Metal intermissions]
It’s ghetto intuition, [Lil Fame: heavy ammunition] (We all stray)
The truth is, we need to be ruthless
They wanna look at us like animals zoo kids
(All day) We gunnin down in Brooklyn
Some shit that you could never overlookin
You could be

[Hook] {beat stops}

[Hook] – 4X to fade