January 7, 2020

Stuart Townend – I Am Here For You Lyrics (feat. Emma Townend)

By Azlyrics

[Verse 1]
When the load is hard to bear
And the fog of fear envelops you
Let me be the friend to share
In the pain that you are walking through
When you stumble on this narrow road
And it feels like you’re forsaken
There is one thing that is sure to hold
I am here for you

[Verse 2]
Curse the pride and burn the shame
When it chokes the voice inside of you
Nothing is too dark to name
When you know that I am broken too
When the cries of hurt rage in your head
And they goad you to destruction
I can be the voice of calm that says
I am here for you


[Verse 3]
There’s a greater Love than mine
That is closer than a brother
Power to break the chains that bind
And to comfort like no other
He has walked this desperate road before
And He’s walking here beside you
For through every drought and every storm
He is here for you

I am here for you