January 8, 2020

Andrew Lloyd Webber – When I Climb To The Top Of Mount Rock Lyrics

By Azlyrics

I’ll be strumming my axe
In a basement dive
With my totally kick-ass band
When an army of A&R men will arrive
With pens and contracts in hand
And they’ll whisk me away in a big black car
And the record execs and the girls from PR
They’ll know from the start
What I major league star I will be
Just wait and see

When I climb to the top of Mount Rock
And I’m there staring down from the heights
With the crowd at my feet and a seven inch bulge
In my lizard skin spandex tights
I’ll dive off the edge straight into a crowd
That’s screaming my name out loud
And the gates will unlock
At the top of Mount Rock

I’ll be blowing out amps
Playing stadium shows
On my sold out galactic tour
And I’ll blister the ears
Of the first thousand rows
And leave while they beg for more
Then I’ll pop the champagne
And the party will rage
No brown M&Ms in my green room backstage
Bigger than Hendrix, and Clapton, and Page
And the rest, the all-time best

When I climb to the top of Mount Rock
And I’m perched at the uppermost peak
With a legion of groupies all duking it out
For my chiseled rock god physique
And I’ll scatter hit singles all over the land
With my 12 Grammys in hand
Watch the fan boys all flock
At the top of Mount Rock

The doubters, and the haters
And the hipsters, let ‘em laugh
Soon they’ll all be begging for my roadie’s autograph
I know my time is coming
Well, hopefully it’s coming
I’m pretty sure it’s coming any day
Once they hear me play

Then the dreams that I had since the day I turned 10
Will be finally coming true
And no one’ll call me a loser again
Or tell me what I can’t do!
So I hold my head high and keep strumming those strings
And grab any chance that my destiny brings
And I’ll rise, and I’ll rise, and I’ll rise
On the wings of my song
Up where I belong

And I’ll climb to the top of Mount Rock
And be part of that heavenly scene
With Odin and Zeus on the bass and the drums
And Thor playing tambourine
And Elvis and Janis and Kurt will appear
And Jesus’ll toss me a beer
And we’ll jam ‘round the clock
At the top of Mount Rock
At the top of Mount Rock
At the top of Mount Rock