January 9, 2020

Alvin & The Chipmunks – Stuck In Arabia Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Well, boys
Here we are in the middle of the Arabian desert, stuck
Alvin, why did you have to race the car and spin the wheels
Look at it!
Stuck clear up to the fenders in sand
Now how are we gonna get outta here?

All we need is a camel!
He could get us out!
Hehehe, yeah, a camel!
And just how are we gonna get a camel?
All we have to do is sing

Oh, how we need a camel
He could give us a hand
We are stuck in Arabian soil
Stuck in Arabian sand

What we need is a camel
But there’s not one in sight
We’ve been here one Arabian day
And one Arabian night

We are looking for some friendly faces
But this place is void of faces
And not one hot guide oasis

Hey, here he comes!
Hehehe, yeah
He heard us singing!

Now at last, here’s a camel
And he’s stopping for us
How we love this Arabian boat
Love this Arabian bus
How we love this Arabian boat
Love this Arabian bus

Come on
Let’s get aboard!
Hooray for the camel express!

Move over, you guys
And let me-
This is the only way to travel!
You said it

Will you give me a chance to-
This is great!
Hahaha, let’s go!

I don’t wanna sit on top of this hump
It hurts!
Alvin, you move there, so I can
Theodore, you just sit aside

Let me get in-
No, I don’t
Move over!