January 9, 2020

Boldy James – My First Offense Lyrics

By Azlyrics

On my first offense

Was in the [?] and Steve-O on that [?]
Screaming “Free Booboo and [?]”
You know my [?] with or without the airplane
[?] off the packs, serving smokers in the stairway
Never been the one to gossip with all the hearsay
There’s no blood, no foul in the field and ain’t no fair play
Now we on fire like a lighter and some hairspray
Parking a whole fleet of Range Rovers off of Fairway
My [?] band-aid the montclair way
Remember my guy guy used to put my clothes in the layaway
Know they rather prefer that I did it their way
‘Cause she’s a f**king ho and you love it, I wouldn’t care ye
She hit up [?] add some ice to my reflection
Shit I might just add a nigga wife to my collection
In the hood for that bag, all this [?] and finessing
Been to hell and back, still I recognize it as a blessing
[?] exercising my demons
See death around the corner bleeding out on the cement
Getting fingerprinted and riding out from the [?]
This that one part of the game that come with the street shit
They used to mention delinquent and juvenile detention
In connection with all the recent shootings in the district
A lot of [?] in the air, whole lot of turbulence
And my preliminary hearing on my first offense

Yeah, first offense
On my first offense
First offense