January 9, 2020

Eligh – Desperation Lyrics (feat. Scarub & Murs)

By Azlyrics


Strong people keep moving forward anyway
No matter what they’re going through

[Verse 1]

A journey on foot with little prospect of survival
For a man in a land where some discipline is vital
I’m a piece of a bigger plan
A grain in a sea of sand
The soul of the land seeking fortune on a caravan

The only backbone I got is my own man
Trails out home through my [?] and no land
Salvation is that one wish you dream got you hoping
That few ever reach grass hold and open

Some believe in luck others know they chosen
And then there’s those stuck in the middle stones just frozen
There’s two types of people you either do it or you watch
Well if you’re watching me do this well you’re obviously not

On the same side, I keep it moving like a landslide
Even with doubt inside, life’s a constant fight
Each moment is struggle against hunger, cold, fear, pain
If it don’t kill me then peel muscle like gain


Gotta get up gotta get back in to something, something
Desperation cracks the hardest man
Gotta get tough gotta get by so it’s not for nothing, nothing
Get that stride let your chariot ride


[Verse 2]

You see this dream right here?
It’s mine
I kept it whole through rain, sleet, snow, sunshine
It’s what I used to nurture it
Even though it hurt a bit
When demons fed it doubt I would never let ’em murder it

Close to my heart, warm, safe
Now grow, free, form, shape
A dream is like a life you see it comes from a seed
A tiny one called hope that blossoms in your time of need
It can’t be harvested or rushed by lust, greed
When no one else will, you must believe

Told to me by an old man, we met out on a caravan
Side of the road he sobbed, head in is hands
When he looked up at me, his eyes still stream
He told me tears about the blood of a man’s crushed dream
And that they only die because we keep them deep inside
Rich men keep dreams, foolish men keep pride


They only laugh at you
Because their dreams died a long time ago
But whatever you do
Never, never let your dreams drown in a sea of doubt and desperation

Cause they won’t [?] [2x]

Gotta get up gotta get back in to something, something
Gotta get tough gotta get by so it’s not for nothing, nothing

[Verse 3]

Lying on my back in the desert staring up at the stars
Wondering about where I’m at
Pondering all the facts and the cards
[?] from afar

I find myself in a wagon
Straight, caravaning through famine, romantic travelers
Circuits break and I speak through a unique, peak data reached
Speech found out of habit
Forming around my rabbit feet for good luck
I might have a stab at it
Giving up because I’m not living up to my expectations

With a higher base foundation
Correlate to what I’m facing
In a parallel universe, we might be adjacent
But now we’re separated
Segregated by my complacence

What a coincidence
I look in the mirror and I see me, desperado
That’s my bravado
Gotta ease with my days
Outta trouble outta decay
Outta bubbles I saw why I pop my way
To sing tomorrows praise

Laying down my life under the critique of your gaze
Your amazing grace