January 9, 2020

Q Money – FuQ It Up Lyrics (feat. 24 Heavy)

By Azlyrics

Yo David thump that, yeah
Aha, f**k it up
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Bitch you go harder than me (harder than me)
Tic-tic-tic-tic, TiNo
(It’s Q money, ain’t shit funny)

I hop in that whip and I’m swerving like Kane
f**k your gang if we don’t run the same
I’ma young n*gga, I come from them trenches
Ain’t none of you n*ggas gon’ take my chain
I put a bag on your head, they gon’ get it, ayy
They gon’ get it
If I say it my n*gga, I meant it
I meant it
I just might do my lap dance on the floor
I ain’t even know but I [?] a hoe
I got more soul than Guillermo doe
So, everybody be getting back on the rope
I stole my ice, woke up with a coat
With the rollie go boogers
Just like your nose

f**k ’em up
Go to the club and I f**k ’em up
Pop on that whip f**k ’em up

f**k ’em up
Go to the club and I f**k ’em up
f**k ’em up
f**k it up, f**k it up