January 9, 2020

Royal Trux – Junkie Nurse Lyrics

By Azlyrics

[Verse 1]
Junkie nurse, oh, junkie nurse
I met you on 11th street
You dropped by and got me high
Your smile just leave me beat

[Verse 2]
Junkie nurse, oh, junkie nurse
I could not love you more
Since I found out you keep the keys
To the safe on the second floor

[Verse 3]
Lovely nurse, my junkie nurse
I never wanna burn you down
So just bring me a prescription
When you next come downtown
Dr. Moans or Dr. Jones
It makes no difference
If he ever cuts you off
He’ll lose his own license

[Verse 4]
Junkie nurse, oh, junkie nurse
Where ever have you been?
It’s pouring rain
I’m five hours straight
Will you ever be back again?
I call the doc and he’s in shock
The shit has hit the feds
Safe as coal, you’re in the hole
And I’m right off my head

[Verse 5]
The nurse can’t fix a prison’s kicks
The warden is such the whore
You can suck and you can shoot
Some get the boot
To be with me evermore
I love you evermore