January 10, 2020

Hikes – Tinker Creek Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Out of the sedentary confines
I deem winter
Comes the spring
“And, like the baseless fabric of this vision”
Willing to the wind
All the same; I’m different than I was just yesterday
That’s just nature told by nature
Reconciled in all but name

Yet there’s this looming fear
That something brings me to this place
And I trace with one eye shut
The only cloud in the sky
So one dimensional
The clouds keep rolling in
Until the time and tide pulled the sky to earth

We did this because we felt alive

I can’t spend my life naming stray dogs
Why do we get closer when we feel like we’re the owner?
It puts these clouds over my head
Can you begin to show me, my friend
A means without an end?