January 10, 2020

$ilkmoney – 9 Frangipani Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Promiscuous bitches don’t cover up and Epstein didn’t either
How many potent mentions that critically
Undercut and kept me in bits and pieces Various teachings
I can’t keep secrets so into existence I speak it
Lay down with dogs and get up with a flea itch
So keep peepers on the different bitches you sleep with
Lil’ nigga this is G shit meaning
God sounds hidden inside these thesis
‘xcept you can hear it clearly so peep it
Inside my mind the enemy cries until my exterior teary ?
To keep it 100 if you can take it from me bitch you can keep it
Consequences for showing weakness like the antibodies in my mother’s body
Diseased we to receive rhesus right
Turns I continue to take despite previously lacking key insights
Stayin’ weeded and sharpened to keep my penknife
While avoiding a pen and wearing penstripes
Bitch we eating check my cabinet bitch look at it
Gushers and bags of chips
He be leaking if he go grabbing packs up out my cupboard and he didn’t ask consequence
They all sheep I call my dog yeah we heard em inside that fence
Flipped up my mattresses upgrade my stats a bit and then go grab a Benz
I sent lyrics for them niggas that ain’t got it but they tryna’ get it
Cuz it’s a lot more niggas that’s without it than niggas with it
I won’t mention nothing that I’m not living honest or I never witnessed
I’m so descriptive with how I did it done it and that’s the difference
I used to wanna die but now a nigga feel so alive being alive
I love corny mantras like you miss every shot that a nigga didn’t even try
Maximize my potential with all of the shit that I been applied
Get off the couch and apply to Everest but a nigga didn’t but I did Devry
One day you’ll get it right when pork grow wings and pigs will fly
Nigga but you a houser and you couldn’t even fly straight and you didn’t glide
But be advised when a nigga is fueled by hate and a nigga dies
‘Cuz its a god when a nigga get hit bout 50 times and he still survive