January 10, 2020

Johnny Cinco – I Remember Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Dre, did you drink all the juice?
Lovin’ you, trust issues

I remember the times when I was loyal
I remember the times when I would lie
I remember the times when I would hug you
I remember the times when you would cry
I remember the times when we would f**k all night
Remember so many different nights
I remember the times when we was broke, down bad
We ain’t have nothin’ but you and I

[Verse 1]
I been away from you, it don’t feel safe
You think you good but it really ain’t for you
You really don’t know how much I adore you
I missed your call and you thought I ignored you
I bought you ticket to Greece on your birthday
I did not show all that shit on your birthday
I bought you diamonds and shit on your birthday
Room at the Twelve, it feel just like the first date
Love the way you dress, why you wear that in the first place?
Every time I see you, wanna f**k you in the worst way
In the car on the straightaway, I don’t worry
Pull up, give it to you in the middle of your work day
Can I be your everything? Can I be your heartache?
You gave me so many chances, how much can your heart take?

[Verse 2]
Can’t help but think about you
Open a paper or drink about you
Go in the booth and just blank about you
Can’t believe the lies they say, it ain’t true
I hold you down, I say it, I do
I been thinkin’ ’bout the past and the present
I need you right here, right in my possession
This more than love, more like an obsession
One man to beat, point me in your direction
Love at first sight, I remember that night
Swept you off your feet and hugging you tight
I pulled up on you right before the flight
Put you on chill the rest of your life
Red bottom heels the rest of your life
They know what it is the rest of your life
Won’t take for granted the time that we spent and
Cherish the seconds that came out of minutes
Can’t name a time where I ever pretended
My number one fan, she fiendin’ my sentence
I did you wrong those few times, I admit it
I don’t feel right without you, I admit it
I love these phones way too much and I been did
I’m makin’ this song, but you gotta feel it
It’s more than a hit, I’m reciting my feelings