January 10, 2020

Robb Bank$ – Redda Bring The Beat Bike Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Waaahk, waawaawaa
She said help me, help me, help me
I’m trapped in my mind

She said help me
Carefully, I got no energy (WAAAH)
Broke me, choke me, stick it slowly
No cut, torpedo, O.T
Outta time, chewed up Fritos, where my cheese? (WAAAHH)
I’m a beat type of nigga, you a OZ (YUH)
I’m a sleep type of nigga, while she horny (YUH)
I ain’t play freeze tag with niggas, I always packed heat
Glock 40, magazine, issue #43 [BUH BUH BUH]
The brain be controlling me, get the best of me, get ahold of me
You invest in me, you sworn to be, I’m knighted by all the Queen’s
Ooh, Sade, [?] we can’t take, [?] we can’t shake
Girl suck that dick more than Shawnae
Oooh, got my mind in a frenzy
Oooh, take it off, with your friends, hey
Oooh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooooh, please don’t have a panic attack while you in my room
Oooh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooooh, I got some secret sauce I spill on you
I’m the man, 100 grand, f**k what your mom say
I’m the man, 100 grand, f**k what your mom say
I’m dat man, 100 grand, f**k what your momma say
I’m your daddy, I’m your dad, whatcha get me for Father’s Day?
I don’t really wanna ride unless the Tiger peeled off
I stepped on your turf, just to get ya soft
Baby, you a whole bird, lemme get you off
If you join the committee, you committed, that ain’t nooooooo
Where your friend that I need to talk to?
Where your old man, [?] I do
I just cut 2 to 3 pints like a coupon
Exotic Fanta, poured up, I might lose my mind, mind
I’m running out of time
Been running after you, chase you down my whole life
Oooooooh, somethin on her mind
Oooooooh, somethin ain’t right
Oooooooh, and I’m running outta Sprite
Oooooooh, Redda, bring the beat bike like, yeah