January 12, 2020

Tim O’brien – Not Afraid O’ Dyin’ Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Not afraid of dyin, it’s just waitin around that’s wearin on me*
Just breathin easy, it’s a whole lot harder than it used to be
Well I read my book, I paid a bill, I see a check came in
Pick up the widows at six, drive em to dinner then home again
I’m afraid of fallin, just sittin down it’s hard enough to get back up
Must have dozed a little
Remind me again what we were talking about

[Repeat Chorus:]
I’ve heard every joke, I can’t remember enough of even one to tell
Put it on speaker phone, that way the caller won’t have to yell
I been around too long
While I wasn’t lookin my life just blew on past
Each time I see you I know full well it could be my last
I watched the news tonight
Is that download thing kinda hurtin you some?
Who set’s all your stuff up?
When you play here again I sure hope I can come
You know I tried that station
It just won’t come on inside these walls
I’m hard of hearing but sometimes I hear your mother call
You’re always movin, you need to find a way to stay at home
Thought by now you’d be a teacher
I guess that music grabbed you wouldn’t leave you alone
You know your boys are somethin’
And you’re lucky you found yourself a beautiful wife
Thanks for comin to see me lad
You know I might have had about enough of this life –
Chorus x 2