January 13, 2020

Alcoa – I Don’t Feel Welcome Here Or Anywhere Lyrics

By Azlyrics

I walk around and around this entire town
Never know where it is that I am going to
Cause it’s just that I don’t know where it is that I should go
So I keep walking without any direction

So I head back to my hometown, sink my feet into the ground
Find my roots so that I may be buried in the spring of early May
I’ll start my, my drinking days and I’ll rot away my insides
But first I’ll lie in this bed and sleep myself half to death
To get me through these pains in my head
That I get every night after a bottle of wine and
Some pills that I got from a friend

Oh and I, I will try not to take them tonight
But it gets harder at the bottom of all those bottles
So I will dig my grave and in it I will lay, I go in and up come roses
This is where I will rest, just my arms folded on my chest
The truth in death, no more lies to make my head hang heavy
No no no