January 13, 2020

Ashton – Loved Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Still out with who I hang with
The same ones that can’t contain shit
Still classy when it’s dinner time
Plate and cutlery arrangements
Glass full of cherry wine
Aw man this shit is tainted
Gwanin wassy like from St. Kitts
Another sip I’m speaking Spanglish
Aw man this ain’t nothing new
On the gram you could try to stalk her but I don’t post for the proof
Lately I don’t give f**k I just want to know what’s up
Keep it real or get cut like scissor doors on a truck
I got goals like Cappadonna
Already scored a few Madonnas
I try to keep it like a straight shot but it always mix up like a tonic
I’ll be the first one to off it like we outside on a hike
I’m more Nike Cross Fit ’cause I can’t give out 3 strikes

f**k it it is what it is
They f**k with us now how they f**k with us then
They got to learn how to trim all the fat in the beef when my patience is thin
The trick is to say how you made it when you talking ’bout next of kin
But I got it covered
Someones got to suffer especially f**king with the kid
A hundred of them
A hun-a hundred of them
Where were you at ’cause you weren’t a hundred then
A hundred of them
A hundred of them
I keep it a hundred with them