January 13, 2020

John Me – Wedding Song Lyrics

By Azlyrics

Summer moves on with no sound
It bends in on me
Saw your face last night
Did you see me?

Names have changed
And now we’re in June
Chords are flowing

They carelessly whisper about us
Gather around me
Asking questions
Have you been around
I don’t know
You still make no sound
And the audience is up on their feet

Stay here forever
We’re the same you and me
And I’ll lead you into whatever
Back then I felt nothing with you
That’s all history
It’s so easy loving you

I went to a wedding
But failed to hold my damn speech
I had it on paper
I planned it for weeks
But my fears got the better of me
The sun breaks through the clouds

The bride and the groom
They were joined
By the power vested
By God in the priest
He looked straight at me
Mumbled prayers that meant nothing to me
And the congregation’s up on their feet