July 25, 2022

Poland has promised to create the strongest NATO ground forces in Europe

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Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak assured that the republic will have the strongest ground forces among European NATO countries

Mariusz Blaszczak

Poland will have the strongest ground forces among European NATO countries, said the Minister of Defense of the Republic, Mariusz Blaszczak, in an interview with Sieci, excerpts from which were published by the portal wPolityce.

“Polish Armed Forces must be so numerous and strong that their existence deterred the aggressor. <…> Both in terms of artillery and armored forces, in the final analysis, there will be no stronger country in Europe. We will have the strongest ground forces among European NATO countries,— Blaszczak assured, answering the question whether the country would be able to repel the attack.

He recalled that Poland purchased American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems back in 2018. At the end of May of this year, Blaszczak announced that he had ordered six more Patriot batteries. The day before, the minister wrote on Twitter that deliveries of Patriot elements, including PAC-3 MSE missiles and IBCS fire control systems, continue.

Warsaw also acquired the British Sky Saber air defense system, the head of the Ministry of Defense announced its receipt in early July.

“Finally, we have our own Piorun [Polish portable anti-aircraft missile systems], which have proven themselves in Ukraine,” — he noted.

In early March, U.S. European Command announced that the United States would move two Patriot batteries to Poland “in a proactive manner to counter any potential threats to the U.S., allied forces, and NATO territory.” They assured that the batteries would be transferred under Article 5 on NATO collective defense (it means that an attack on one of the NATO members will be considered as an attack on all NATO members). Later, the Pentagon explained that the Patriot would be placed in Poland temporarily.

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In early April, the republic purchased 250 Abrams tanks from the United States. The first combat armored vehicles have already arrived for military training, the Polish defense minister said in mid-July. The value of the contract is $4.75 billion. Deliveries are scheduled to be completed in 2026.

Poland is ranked 24th in the ranking of the strongest armies in the world according to Globalfirepower. The index takes into account more than 50 factors, including not only the number of military and equipment, but also logistical capabilities and geography. The number of military in Poland is estimated at 152 thousand people, the country has 863 tanks, 4786 armored vehicles, 609 self-propelled artillery installations and 197 multiple rocket launchers.

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