Tag: Action Jackson

October 15, 2016

Joyner Lucas – Tapdance letras

[Hook 1] This that shit that’ll make me tap dance All over your crib, then backhand Both you and your bitch, then crash land On my alien ship, then stack bands I get it in quick, I’m laughing At you and your clique, what happened Nigga, look what you did, I’m asking Bitch, I’m a half-black assassin [Verse 1] Better grab your gats and blast […]

October 13, 2016

Taylor Gang – For More

[Intro: DJ Motor Mane] We ain’t never gon’ fall off We always stand tall in this thing It’s the only way we know, it’s go hard, you feel me Ayo Cap, what up, Ty what up Raven I see you, Tuki, holla at em man let em know how we do [Wiz Khalifa: Chorus] Been through so much, feel like I been here before And […]