Tag: Audi A4

March 6, 2017

Slayter – Smile (Rngl Album)

[Intro] Yea it’s just me and you right now [Hook] Every time you see me You know I make you smile Even though a nigga Ain’t seen you in a while Texting on my phone Said she want it right now Pop a couple xans Blackout on the couch Woke up in her whip With my dick in her mouth Audi A4 About to leave […]

October 13, 2016

Kodak Black – Shake Back (Institution Mixtape) letras

[Hook] I’m not a idol, you can have the fame back I don’t wanna hear your music, boy you can’t rap Girl, you been on my dick, since I done came back I sent you a letter, I ain’t get a page back He can’t even read but he been slinging crack You better tuck your jewelry, get your chain snatched I’m tryna slow down, […]