Tag: Cool Whip

January 23, 2018

Famous Dex – Blue Chips (feat. Rich The Kid)

[Intro] 30 you a fool for this one Ayy, ayy Mike Dean you can’t do this to them man [Chorus] Stackin’ the green and the blue chips My whip is white like Cool Whip My wrist a pool, come take a dip I’m running around with two chicken strips I’m so up (I’m so up) Double cup (Double cup) Ac it up! Can’t sit with […]

August 22, 2017

DEMRICK – Superficial (Uncensored)

[Intro] Woah woah woah, yeah yeah This that summertime shit No doubt [Verse 1] I’m out here on a goal (I’m still movin’) Paying bills on the road (The bills keep coming in) So don’t say I’m superficial when I tell you I’m trying to get that dough (Let’s go get this money, yeah) Yeah I’m trapping off my phone (I’m trapping off my phone) […]

November 2, 2016

Jim Jones – Kitchen

[Jim Jones] Vamp life (I got that money) You know what they say Trap jumping When it get to hot in the kitchen, uh What you cooking? Chicken or fish? (I don’t wanna hear you niggas talking about no more work) How many pots on the stove? [Hook: Cashout] I got the money and I got the pack (Got that pack) I drop a deuce […]