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January 5, 2021

Popcaan Doubles Down On Usain Bolt’s Diss, “Me Nuh Bloodcl**t Sorry”

Popcaan is doubling down on his criticism of Usain Bolt’s latest talent (or lack of) in relation to his venture into music. Fans were disappointed that the Usain Bolt and NJ song, “Living The Dream,” only had NJ singing while Bolt only made a cameo appearance giving his favorite hand signals and being featured as the main actor in the video. Popcaan came out on […]

February 27, 2020

Princess Nokia – Gemini Lyrics

Play this song I am Gemini Super fly Fly guy I am Gemini Two heads One eye I am Gemini Like Pac André Lauren And Kanye Boy George And Anne Frank I am Gemini But no, I’m not fake I am Gryffindor But don’t move like snake I am Gemini People love to call me crazy But they judging and they hating And I’m too grown for explaining I am Gemini June 14th And […]

February 26, 2020

Frisco – Rocket Lyrics (feat. Shola Ama)

[Intro: Frisco] Yeah It’s Frisco Come on [Verse 1: Frisco] Yes, I confess I’m at my best when my back’s against the wall Stand up in a war, stand tall f**k the police and your rules I’m from a place where if you get robbed for your tings And you want them back, you’ve gotta pay for that Stepping out of your yard knowing it […]

February 25, 2020

Reeko Squeeze – Back On It Lyrics (feat. Blockz)

[Intro] Aye yo, aye niggas get shot everyday B. You be aight nigga You tough right? I’m out Reeko. You understand what I’m saying? Look at me I get shot in the head baby My body different, my breathing different, you understand what I’m saying? Doctor said I wasn’t gonna walk the same, you understand what I’m saying? I’m out [Verse 1] Too, too much […]

February 23, 2020

Jermaine Riley – Single Lyrics

[Verse 1] You said that you really want it, yeah You said that you were ready for the real thing Got it text before this thing became a mess But you seem to forget All the things you said to me And now you’re nothing but a song in my catalogue Thought you was ’bout to be it Guess I was wrong You’re a pipe dream No more time […]

February 19, 2020

Lunay – Fin De Semana Lyrics

[Letra de “”Fin de Semana] [Coro] Llegó el fin de semana Y ella llamó a su’ pana’ No quiere saber de nadie Hasta el lunes por la mañana (Ey) Llegó el fin de semana Pa’l carajo la mente sana (Wuh) Borracha me tiró al DM Que quiere qué le dé con gana’ (Le dé con gana’) [Verso] Tre’, do’ shots, uno’ Whisky (Wuh) Se puso freaky La nena e’ […]

February 8, 2020

VEDO – Computer Luv Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] It’s Vedo, baby [Verse 1] Might catch that flight one day Make a nigga want it, sending them vibes my way You been sending lil’ subliminals a while now I never do but girl tonight I might reply now Hit it back like I don’t play I’m on the way She sent back that birthday cake Told me I can have a taste, I can […]

February 5, 2020

Mogli The Iceburg – Devil In My Dm Lyrics

[Verse 1] ‘Bout time that I get up and grab the dreams that I’m chasin’ About time that I man up and stop being so complacent About time that I live up to being what I’m created to be (ohh) The music poppin’ got me feelin’ like the man now Its funny how dynamics change when you a standout You wasn’t buddy buddy then look […]

February 2, 2020

Jairzinho – 1 Op 1 Lyrics

[Intro] Kan ik glijden in je situatie? Want als ik kijk naar je lijn weet ik zeker dat ik fast ga Hoe ik met je rijd en niet afsla Afspraak, schat niet denken dat ik grap maak Ga je met me mee als ik die stap maak? Is wat ik me afvraag als ik kijk naar je Ga je met me mee als ik die […]

January 25, 2020

HERMOSA Lyrics and Video Song – Aastha Gill, D Soldierz

Oh girl!Kehnde ne Barcelona ton utri ae tuDass mainu!Nana nana nah, oh baby!Main Delhi shehar di Senorita hoonPuch kisi ton vi tu Billo lagdi ae HermosaLagdi ae Hermosa!Aye, Billo lagdi ae Hermosa Billo lagdi ae Hermosa! Bobby Brown di load niI don’t give a damnNa makeup shakeup laani aaJitthe jaawan utthe agg main laani aan ola ola ola yea yea… Main bandi badi classy aanBadi […]

January 24, 2020

Guardin – Creature Lyrics

[Chorus] It’s three o’clock, times running out I rather sleep in than write all about How I’m depressed, how to get out ‘Cause I don’t know shit I said, ”f**k it,” and made it work out I’m a mess (Mess), I guess (I guess) But for some reason they stay impressed I’m a pess- (Pess-) imist (Imist) Optimism is something I miss I kinda knew I’d be here all […]

January 18, 2020

Elujay – Mrs. Jackson Lyrics (feat. Rexx Life Raj)

[Chorus: Elujay] I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, why you act so cold? Don’t wanna be taxing Cause you act so cold You act so cold, why you act so cold? Why you act so cold? Why you act so cold? [Verse 1: Elujay] We gon push it like a four, gee I don’t wanna go Do a buck fifty, I’m just tryna get you home She […]

October 8, 2019

JayDaYoungan – Dum (Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: JayDaYoungan] Any these niggas play games, we slaughter Pop, pop, pop This nigga, big 23 shit, bitch, oh Key Guapo [Chorus: JayDaYoungan] Do whatever the fuck I want to You niggas play games, we slump you Bitch, you say you dumb, I’m dumb too Bitch, you say you dumb, I’m dumb too Do whatever the fuck I want to You niggas play games, we slump […]

October 4, 2019

Chris Brown – Problem with You Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] D.A. got that dope [Verse 1] Friday, Saturday, Sunday night Only girls in the crib if they ’bout that life (Yeah) Twenty-twenty-five, is the usual And I’m a young nigga with ’em, livin’ my best life (Oh) Phone ring, I don’t really think about it (No) It’s too late to talk about it If you ain’t tryna get dicked down That’s fine but [Chorus] My […]

June 18, 2019

Lil Mosey – Space Coupe Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ooh, oh (My DM, my DM) They said all I want is this so can I see them? Ooh, ooh, I’m gone, I’m on Damn, we on, fuck it, you come on I’m gone, I’m on Damn, we on, fuck it, you come on Ayy Royce, you did it right here! [Chorus: Lil Mosey] Yeah, I woke up to a hundred […]

February 22, 2019

Gunna – 3 Headed Snake Lyrics

[Intro: Gunna] Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate, mmh Aimin’ at a date, aimin’ at a Wraith, aimin’ at a gate [Verse 1: Young Thug] Shit, me, Gunna, and Wheezy, that’s a three-headed […]

December 2, 2018

Chance The Rapper – My Own Thing lyrics

[Chorus: Chance the Rapper] I’ma do my own thing I’m finna buy a ringtone, then let the phone ring I decided that I gotta do my own thing Yeah, yeah, I just gotta do my own thing Do my own thing [Verse 1: Chance the Rapper] Please don’t hit me in my DM Promise that my BM gonna slide when she see ’em I know […]

November 13, 2018

Lil Durk – Don’t Talk To Me (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Durk] Yeah Ayy, what Blac Youngsta tell them hoes? (Toot toot) [Chorus: Lil Durk] Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to me) Just don’t talk to me (Just don’t talk to […]

November 10, 2018

Tee Grizzley – Bitches On Bitches Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Pump] Yeah, bitches on bitches Ooh, bitches on bitches, yeah, yeah, Lil Pump Ooh, bitches on bitches, ooh, ooh Ooh, J Gramm [Chorus: Lil Pump] Ooh, bitches on bitches (Bitches) Give your ass a bean, now you’re showin’ off titties (Ooh, yeah) Bitches on bitches (Huh?) Young rich nigga, bitches call me eight figures (Yeah, ooh, brrt) Bitches on bitches (Ooh) Pop two […]

August 5, 2018

Chris Brown – Had To Do It… Sorry DJ Khaled Lyrics

[Intro: Michael Jackson & DJ Khaled] And we can ride, and we can ride the boogie We the Best Music! You gotta feel that beat And we can ride, and we can ride the boogie Another one I wanna rock with you DJ Khaled! [Verse 1: Chris Brown] I’ve been looking for a BM ‘Bout to see this boy slide, that’s a DM Yeah, got […]

July 22, 2018

Juice WRLD – London Tipton Lyrics

[Chorus: Juice WRLD] I’ve been runnin’ off on plugs, I need to rob another one I’ve been rubbin’ off on all these niggas, cause they steal the sauce Fuck niggas and hatin’ hoes, bitch I hate those That lil bitch goes “hiss, hiss”, she a snake hoe Somethin’ like a bad kid, I don’t listen Baby these not advils, these perscriptions I just dropped a […]

July 7, 2018

T-Pain – Boo’d Up (T-Mix) Lyrics

[Intro: T-Pain] This shit been overdue I’m still not over you, oh This shit been overdue It’s a T-Mix, baby [Verse 1: T-Pain] They be like, “How many songs can you make about a booty?” Like a thousand, ooh girl, you gon’ learn today, come get this poundin’ I’m not finished, I’ma hit it in the shower So get that thang tooted, booted, ready to […]

June 29, 2018

Wiz Khalifa – Gin & Drugs Lyrics

[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa & Problem] Up in this bitch and we all faded Fuck ’bout a bitch, no we don’t save her Nothin’ to a boss, do my own thing It’s money over hoes, no I’m no stranger One more bounce, we got more ounces One more bounce, we got more ounces One more bounce, we got more ounces One more bounce, we got more […]

May 21, 2018

Saweetie – 23 lyrics

[Chorus] Oochie wally bang bang, come and be my main thing Know I cut you off but since then you been on my damn brain Ooh I cannot help it, how you feelin’? let me know man You said you feel the same, well shit what’s good, I’m tryna do things [Interlude] Hahaha, uh Nah but for real, what’s up with you, um [Verse 1] […]

May 19, 2018

Marc E. Bassy – HALL OF FAME Lyrics

[Chorus] Mama said “Every day is like this” Breaking you down, roll you a spliff But you come making it twist Just so they know I got a grip It’s foolish, it’s foolish, it’s foolish We can just do this, just do this, just do this Baby I got me a list Got some DM’s, right on that hit Try on the coat, doing [?] […]

May 16, 2018

Migos – Higher We Go (Intro) lyrics

[Chorus: Quavo] Higher we go, beg and plead for the culture Higher we go, beg and plead for the- [Verse 1: Quavo] I’ma put these racks in your face In your face, show you that you lame I’ma stash these M’s at my place In my place, but no I’m not the bank I’ma pull that coupe out to race Who wanna race? We livin’ […]

May 15, 2018

NAV – Wanted You lyrics

(feat. Lil Uzi Vert) [Intro: Lil Uzi Vert & Girl] Where you at? At my house Let me see that ass What you say? I said “let me see that ass” That ass Oh, you on some naked shit Hahaha I’m on my way Stop lyin’ I’m on my way, bye [Verse 1: NAV] I’m ashamed of all the things that I was doing for […]

May 14, 2018

Chevy Woods – Mojo lyrics

[NOT FULL] I got all these hunnids in my pants Talking about how you gon’ pull up but we can tell that you faking Thats your bitch, jumped in her DM just to ask her what’s shakin The only thing I keep is money bitch, I can’t do no saving Got to the crib and then I fucked her to that Kamaiyah playlist

May 9, 2018

Comethazine – DEMI lyrics

[Chorus] I just wanna fuck Demi Nut on her titties Whip out my cock, make that bitch lick it I just wanna fuck Demi Bitch fuck with me I know you like Charlie Bitch don’t be stingy [Verse: Comethazine] Take off your top, take off your socks I know you not a slut bitch I know you not a thot Bitch I like that Let […]

April 27, 2018

Post Malone – Same Bitches (feat. G-Eazy & YG) lyrics

[Chorus: Post Malone] I been in L.A. too long I see the same bitches everywhere I go It don’t really matter where they from Acting or model, heard it all before Population four million, how I see the same bitch? Population four million, how I see the same bitch? Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Post Malone] I hit your DM baby Took the screenshot, yeah, […]