Tag: Emmitt Smith

May 27, 2020

Uncle Luke – Scarred Lyrics

Cap D coming beat that fine move f*ck niggas rock too My niggas no good Ain’t nothing but her so good Trick daddy in the house Disrespect watch your mouth She eat all D And dog you to captain D Yeah Yeah I like my hoes Never home always in the street hoe-ing 3 to the store with their ass cheeks showing Lookin’ fly wit’ […]

February 1, 2018

Key Glock – All I Know Is Trap

[Intro] G-L-O-C-K G-L-O-C-K, ayy The fuck? Paper Route business, Taliban [Chorus] I pledge allegiance to the streets, all I know is trap I’m Emmitt Smith with the pack, watch me run it back Two black straps, let em fly, Jill and Jack All I do is stack, yeah, rack after rack Okay, okay [Verse 1] South Memphis you know where I’m from Got choppers just […]

October 15, 2016

Gucci Mane – The Left (Woptober Album) letras

[Intro:] Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa [Chorus:] [x2] I don’t have an ego but my money do (my money do) And I don’t have a big mouth but my money do (my money do) And I don’t like to show out but my money do (my money do) I got so many zeros I can bury you (bury you) [Verse 1:] Call that ballin I call dat hopscotch Nigga […]