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April 25, 2018

J Cole – Motiv8 lyrics

[Intro] You really wanna know who Superman is? Watch this, pow! I like him I think he’s pretty cool He’s my idol [Verse 1] I can’t have no sympathy for fuck niggas All this shit I’ve seen done made my blood thicker Spill promethazine inside a double cup Double up my cream, now that’s a Double Stuff, yeah Please don’t hit my phone if it […]

October 12, 2016

Emily Kinney – Michael lyrics

[Verse 1] I never could believe in God But always willing to give it a shot If there is such thing as magic human souls Well, then mine looks a lot like Michael Yes, my soul looks a lot like Michael [Verse 2] Manhattan baby, drop-out, drug abuse Naively feel I’ve walked around in his shoes He looked so thirsty when my heart is full […]