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July 21, 2017

Janet Arnaiz – Goodbye, Hello lyrics

[Verse 1] Goodbye and we used to be That i thought was meant to me I’m growing up and honestly I’m see you face so differently [Hook] Hello Hello what feel so strange I’m never new that things could change I can’t believe that but it’s true That i’m in love will someone new [Chorus] Goodbye, Goodbye, Hello Hello Hello Goodbye, Goodbye, Hello Hello [Verse […]

November 8, 2016

SunBee – Hello Shopping King Louie Ost Part 4

When Sunny Day It’s Fine Day Hello Hello Hello Where Am I and Are You It’s Dark I Can’t See You 하나 둘 사라진 망설였던 나의 Step 다시 널 불러 Hey You Hey You Hey You Hello Hello Hello 너라는 별이 빛나는 곳 그곳이 바로 나의 우주 언젠가 그 별이 빛을 잃어도 꺼져가는 너를 찾아서 나의 빛을 비춰줄거야 With Shinny Light of Mine When Rainy […]

November 7, 2016

2PM – Without Trying lyrics

[Nichkhun] Doraseomyeon tto geuripgo Bogo isseodo bogopeungeol Mari neomuneomu jal tonghae Seoro biseutbiseuthan chwihyange Seonggyeoge uri cham jal matneungeol [Junho] Hello Hello Hello gachi itgo sipeo Dan duri duri achimi olttaekkaji [Jun.K] Hello Hello Hello sarang hago sipeo neowa na Dan duri duri sidottaedo eopsi [Chansung] I think a think about you Bogosipeo sidottaedo eopsi sidottaedo eopsi [Wooyoung] I think a think about you Angosipeo […]