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May 28, 2018

KYLE – @FoundBae lyrics

(feat. Jesse Rutherford) [Music Video Intro: Kyle & Jada Boo] Hey Hey, so you’re going to that party later tonight? Yeah, I’m-I’m gettin’ ready to go link up with everybody Well, I was really hoping that you could stay the night with me Yeah, I know, I wish I could too but I… I gotta go to this tonight, it’s… You always gotta go to […]

November 8, 2016

Brave Girls – Yoo Hoo lyrics

[All] Yoohoo neon naui Boo (Naui Boo) Hey It’s Brave Sound [All] Yoohoo neon naui Boo [Minyoung] Neo ttaemune michil geot gata Simjang tteollineun ge [All] Yoohoo neon naui Boo [Yuna] Na eotteokhae Yuu hu hu yuu hu hu [Hayoon] Dalkomhan kiseureul naege seonmulhallae Ama kkamjjak nollal geoya ([All] Alright Alright) [Eunji] Ne gwie saranghanda soksagilge Yeah Jogeum sujupgetjiman [Yoojin] Neon kkamyeon kkamyeon kkalsurok Wanjeon […]

November 2, 2016

Avenged Sevenfold – God Damn

Oh! Hey! Can’t you see we’re tripping on the wire Walking through the candy land of our desires Press the magic button and behold the world you crave Where’s the fun in freedom when it renders you a slave? Pledge allegiance, no flag God nation, goddamned The devil dances with the scorned And how the fire keeps us warm Hey! It goes beyond big brother […]