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March 2, 2020

Big Baby Scumbag – Jodeci Freestyle Lyrics

Walk up in this bitch, I bet she notice me Young pretty nigga, take your bitch I feel like Jodeci Yea my name Big Baby, but that hoe she call me Hercules Pull up in that Ghost, that’s some shit that you ain’t heard or seen Why you playin’ dumb nigga? I know that you heard of me Write my verses in the bible, might […]

October 11, 2016

Capital STEEZ – Herban Legend

The Force will be with you….always [Verse 1] Look.. So I flip my phone Missed call from the little pro But ima have to hit ’em back cause my minutes low Sittin’ home, watchin’ Worldstar videos Got some sticky rolled, still higher than my tippy toes Back to Kirk, he said he kinda new to weed Usually, I’m the one supplying the group with trees […]