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August 24, 2019

Jeezy – Don’t Make Me Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah Justice League We’re here now We’re here Yeah Hundred and three plus one, yeah Don’t make me do it Yeah‚ ’cause you know I will‚ nigga [Chorus] China from China (China from China) My shit’s designer (My shit designer) I came from nothin’ (I came from nothin’) Thought I’d remind ya (Thought I’d remind ya) My hustle soared (My hustle soared) Step on the […]

May 23, 2018

Roy Woods – Ice In My Jewels lyrics

[Intro: Roy Woods] Mike, you gotta let em’ know what’s goin’ on one time Yeah Off of this Xanny she look like a zombie (x2) So I had to just pass her to my Zombie All my young niggas we comin’ like Army [Intro] [Verse 1: Roy Woods] I know you want to see what I’m always on, you’re on to me No, you want […]