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February 6, 2020

Jesse Jagz – Genesis Lyrics

[Intro] What is the basic material of the cosmos? It must be something from which everything can be formed Essential to life, capable of motion, capable of change Everything is made of that [Verse 1] Made out of smoke or fire Coast to coast, I flow with fire Papa met mama in a slow desire A ghost beside her as I grow inside her Flesh […]

October 5, 2016

DJ Drama – Wishing lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama] Haha, back at it Baby, I’mma make a wish and I want you to make one Nah, don’t tell me yet, we can talk ’bout that later DJ Drama [Verse 1: Chris Brown] I ain’t like them other niggas, you see that I’m different I creep on the late night, I stay on a mission Got all types of different bitches Pussy […]