Tag: Love Song

June 5, 2018

XYLØ – L.A. Love Song lyrics

[Verse 1] Ice cold, heart is like a cool box So grab another lite beer, baby Inhale, breathing’s getting harder OD on you again Late night, sun is getting higher Red, white, I’m feelin’ blue, baby Bloodshot, head’s a little lighter OD on you again [Pre-Chorus] We’re all livin’ in the gutter Some of us are lookin’ at the stars Live fast, leave a pretty […]

November 7, 2016

2PM – Without Trying lyrics

[Nichkhun] Doraseomyeon tto geuripgo Bogo isseodo bogopeungeol Mari neomuneomu jal tonghae Seoro biseutbiseuthan chwihyange Seonggyeoge uri cham jal matneungeol [Junho] Hello Hello Hello gachi itgo sipeo Dan duri duri achimi olttaekkaji [Jun.K] Hello Hello Hello sarang hago sipeo neowa na Dan duri duri sidottaedo eopsi [Chansung] I think a think about you Bogosipeo sidottaedo eopsi sidottaedo eopsi [Wooyoung] I think a think about you Angosipeo […]