Tag: Market Street

July 15, 2017

Beauty Of The Pool Hall Lyrics – Rancid

Welcome home workers, comrade in beers She collected muses while she dared She’ll sketch your portrait under the streetlight The cardboard palace she calls home I’m talking ’bout Angel Beauty of the pool hall Oh, I’m talking ’bout Angel Beauty of the pool hall Yeah She’s got compassion, not to get pushed around Her existing constraints Kindness, a language that she always spoke Lord, the […]

September 30, 2016

Lemon Demon – Marketland letras

Market Town. What a doozy walking ’round With all these putrid people everywhere. “You’ve gotta buy this!” Screams a whiskey stinking vermin vendor Holding up a rotten pear. But I hold on to my dollar, Looking all around me. In this place, I hide my face, But dirty people hound me. Market Street. I could use a bite to eat, But I don’t want to […]