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February 20, 2020

Joe Ely – River Fever Lyrics

Didn’t I see you last night down at Antones With some silver tongued bull rider from La Grange Later that night weren’t you down at the Continental Swinging from the chandeliers and actin’ strange Baby you got it bad Like everyone I know Baby you’ve got it bad And you don’t want to let it go I got a line on you, you got the […]

February 5, 2020

Smoove L – Apollo Lyrics

[Intro] (This is a Mello beat) Yeah, woah, woah, woah Ahh, woah, woah, woah, ah Oh baby (Baby) Let’s (let’s) f**k one more time If your nigga keep runnin’ you down, put your phone on D.N.D and pay him no mind (f**k that nigga) And this bitch really listen to me and it’s so sad, this hoe out of line But i’m with the f**kery, I like em’ touchin’ […]

January 14, 2020

Tomas Ledin – Russian Roulette Lyrics

I know we were lovers I know the games we played You never told me … that you wanted a child No know that I care but you gotta realize You didn’t play it straight you’ve beaten me with lies Ref: Russian Roulette Bang Bang You’ve got me I’ve never though that this would happen to me Russian Roulette Bang Bang you got me Oh […]

September 26, 2017

Bis um 4 – Kalim feat. Ace Tee songtexte

Songtexte Kalim – Bis um 4 Baby, komm und groove mit mir Denn alles, was du brauchst, ist hier, ah Cruisen bei Nacht in dein Revier Bis um vier bleib’ ich bei dir, ist das ok, ok?(bis um 4) Du bist das, was ich brauch’, Baby, kein Schickimicki Lehn dich zurück und wir cruisen durch Hamburg-City 25 Grad und die Sonne lacht versuri-lyrics.info Wir lassen […]

August 30, 2017

Tyrone Davis – I Keep Coming Back Lyrics

TYRONE DAVISI Keep Coming Back Lyrics I wanna leave you But I just can’t leave you I keep coming back for a little more of Your love I wanna go away But honey, I just can’t stay I keep coming back for a little more of your love And I can’t understand when try as hard as anyone can Each night I dream I wake […]

August 1, 2017

S Club 7 – Never Had A Dream Come True Lyrics

S CLUB 7Never Had A Dream Come True Lyrics Hoo-Hoo-Ooh, Ooh-Ooh-Ooh Everybody’s got something they had to leave behind One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time There’s no use looking back or wondering (Or wondering) How it could be now or might have been (Or might have been) Oh this I know but still I can’t find ways to let you […]

July 12, 2017

MIND – Bobby Nourmand feat. Doc lyrics

Lyrics Bobby Nourmand – MIND Ease back, fall in place and let it go Then reload and let me know Ease back, fall in place and let it go Then reload and let me Ease back, fall in place and let it go (and let it go) Then reload (and then reload) and let me know (and let me know) Ease back, fall in place […]

November 26, 2016

Stellar* – Cry lyrics

[Hyoeun] Woah Oh Yeah Baby I don’t wanna cry Oh [All] Brave Sound Let’s Go Get It ([Jeonyul] Stellar) [Jeonyul] Changbakke nalssineun tto wae iri Nae mamgwa dalli iri joheunji Oh [Minhee] Oneulttara nega neomu wonmangseureowo But geumse nan tto nega neomuna geuriwo [Gayoung] I wanna go back yejeon geudaero Nega nal bomyeo hwanhi usdeon geuttaero [Hyoeun] I wanna love you nan geugeotppuninde Babe neon […]

November 8, 2016

Nu’est – Thank You (Evening By Evening) lyrics

[Minhyun] No No No You make me fall in love Fall in love I’m a gentleman [Baekho] Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Woah Oh [Minhyun] Gibun joheun barami bulmyeo Georireul balkhyeojuneun Jeonyeoknoeul naeryeooneun ondoe Neo isseoseo uriyeoseo modeun ge da wanbyeokhae [Baekho] Neomunado geurim gateun View Eoullineun noraereul teureo bondamyeon Jandi wie han pyeong namjit dotjarin Uri dulmanui sesang Oh [JR] Oneureseoya nan neoege nae mam […]

November 4, 2016

EXO – CBX – Rythm After Summer lyrics

[Baekhyun] Hey [Chen] It’s gettin’ chilly outside [Xiumin] You know after the summertime ends And the heat goes away There’s nothin’ better than having you in my arms [Chen] Ara i neukkim The rhythm after summer yeogie Baro jigeum nae gyeotui neowa Naranhi nuwo matneun baram mwoga deo piryohae [Baekhyun] Igeon machi Sunday Brunch Maeil achim nanuneun Kiss Oh da hyeonsirin geol (All Night) Kkumimyeon […]

November 4, 2016

Shinee – U Need Me lyrics

[Taemin] Nareul bwajwo Here I am Heundeullineun bamhaneul sogeseo Cheoeumbuteo yunanhi bitnago itdeon baro Sirius [Key] Neol wihae doel su itneun modeun Gyeonguui sureul da deohae Nal hangsang chajeul su itdorok I’ll follow I’ll follow [Jonghyun] Baby girl (My girl) Tteugeoun taeyangi jimyeon Neoreul mannareo galge Oh [All] Eodumi chajaomyeon U Need Me Malhaji anhado dwae I’ll play it Akkimeopsi neol hyanghae da bichulge Uriui […]