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January 17, 2020

Cadell – Exclusive Lyrics

[Verse 1] Here’s an exclusive I don’t have retribution Doing tweetings and mutings They wanna know how to pop Have ’em asking where you’ve been Got nuttin’ to prove, we’re still proving Don’t care who to To the guys who thought they was safe, you too To the guys who’s feeling this tune, you too To the guys I knew from ’02, you too What’s […]

October 15, 2016

French Montana – Everytime (feat. Jeezy) (MC4 Album) letras

[Intro] Hey, yeah Watch-watch-watch this [Hook: French Montana] Standin’ on the couch, we got it lit (yeah) Scorin’ with your bitch, now that’s a swish (yeah) It’s a movie every time our diamonds flick (every time) Leave it up to me, this money I’ma get it (haah) I’ma get to the money every night (oh) When I see her I’ma hit her every night (oh […]