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May 17, 2018

O.D. Singer – Fire Love lyrics

Intro: O. D. 2x Fire we got that fire, fire, we got that fire love. 2x Chorus: Fire Love (takes me to) Higher Ground, When we come together it feels like I a float Fire Love (takes me to) Higher Ground, When we come together… Verse 1: When we under the sheets we a stroke at a beat, pull on your hair while your teeth […]

August 24, 2017

Chingy – Wurrs My Cash Lyrics

CHINGYWurrs My Cash Lyrics [Chorus] Ho, Wurrs My Cash? ( Got his money ho? ) You don’t have it? ( You trippin’ girl ) Am I gon’ slap you? Uh huh Sling that ass ( Sling it for a nigga girl ) What is this ma’? ( How much?) Is that enough? Uh Uh Know ya’ll gon’ ask (Tell ’em the truth close to move) […]

November 4, 2016

Bastarz – Mae It Rain lyrics

[P.O] Welcome everybody you know about me Hanmadiro malhae urin aju juokgatji Naol ttaemada joeda gatda Kkaebuswo kkaengpan Shit Yekki inomdeura yeogin nae nawabari [U-Kwon] Deo jalhageona malgeona nae al baga aniyeo Nan nappeun geotboda deo nappeun geot Nega ttwigeona malgeona nae al baga aniyeo Now it’s my turn aedeureun garago [B-Bomb] Baby don’t tell nobody Ije kkokdaegie dadareundeuthae Sorichyeo Errbody [P.O] Cuz I’m gonna […]