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February 23, 2020

Red Wanting Blue – Keep Love Alive Lyrics

Shut up, come on quit it Get over yourself You’ve been stoking your own fire again I was wrong, you won’t admit it What else could I say We are monsters when we don’t get our own way You are an uncontrollable, inconsolable woman And I’m a bullheaded ego-maniacal man You want to hit me in my face, I want to put you in your […]

November 4, 2016

Tim Rice – The Arbiter (Chess) lyrics

[ARBITER] I’ve a duty as the referee At the start of the match On behalf of all our sponsors I must welcome you Which I do — there’s a catch I don’t care if you’re a champion No one messes with me I am ruthless in upholding What I know is right Black or white — as you’ll see I’m on the case Can’t be […]